3 Useful Tips when looking to lease a private office suite

Posted on September 4, 2020

Life in lockdown has set us new challenges in how we transition our work life from the Corporate Office to working from home. With new structures in place and the success of online Zoom and Teams meetings, we power through the day with gusto – but do we actually turn off our computer and go about our other aspects of life. Many employees are now looking for more separation between work life at home seeking alternative professional office arrangements. Here are our top 3 tips on what to look for when leasing an office.

1. Location.
Leasing an office can be an exciting move forward, so proximity to home and amenities should be considered. Love the idea of walking or riding to work, saving time on travel can be a huge benefit especially when you are juggling other areas of family life. Ahh… the thought of a leisurely stroll to school to drop the kids off, or a quick trip to the shops to top up the fridge for dinner and dare I mention a morning workout all done by 10am. It’s about setting yourself up to cater to the things that are important to you and creating the perfect work-life balance.

2. Managing Costs.
Be sure to understand what moving in looks like for you. Do they require a security deposit (bond) and first month’s rent in advance? What utilities are included, most leases factor in water, electricity and gas but heating and cooling can often be the Tenant’s expense. If you require telephone or internet services to run your business, are they factored in or additional monthly charges. If the move-in expenses are too costly, it could impact heavily on your budget.

3. Parking.
Parking may not be on the radar for some Tenants, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the option, especially when your business is customer-focused, clients want easy access to your services/building. Check out the possibilities, Is Car Parking available within the lease? The choices could range from In-house open parking to Reserved parking or if that’s not available, how busy is the On-street parking alternative and what are the Council restrictions. Even if parking is not a must-have, think about who might need it in order to run your business effectively.

So if it’s separation you are looking for and remain committed to the idea of working from home then a local office suite could be the answer to a more suited work-life balance.

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